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Family Life: A Novel

Title: Family LIfe: A Novel
Author: Akhil Sharma

When I pushed the next page button on my ebook reader, I found author acknowledging some people. It was over already. I found ending abrupt but novel was fast paced. It took me two sittings to finish the novel because I started reading it at night and had to yield to sleep at around 2 AM. I would have finished it in one sitting had I started in morning. Many reviews on internet talk about the novel and its plot. After finishing the novel, I read them and some interviews of Akhil Sharma to understand the ending. Note that I wanted to understand the ending and not 'better understand' because I had no idea what ending entailed. Some reviewers said that they went back to the beginning and then understood the ending or as Akhil said that book ahs two starting and two ending. I don't know. I gape up trying to understand the ending. I did come across, while going through one of the interviews, that it is a plotless fiction. I guess this means that things just hapen in the novel. They do not necessarily converge at some central point. It does not have a thesis or a point to make. Fair enough. I liked the fast pace. I enjoyed reading the novel and really liked the crisp sentences. I am starting his first novel, 'Obedient Father' now.

August 16, 2015